The Vision

Locking Parklands is set within a large, well-established area of open parkland containing play areas and wildlife habitats. The development has been carefully planned to conserve the natural green buffer to adjacent settlements and Locking Village itself. We have created ecological corridors along the Grumblepill Rhynne and have retained a high volume of trees to provide a landscape that is unrivalled within new mixed use developments.

Locking Parklands will deliver up to 1,450 homes and apartments that are designed to appeal to a variety of people with a tenure mix that ranges from 1-bedroom apartments to 5-bedroom detached houses. The development is centred around open space, with most homes overlooking the surrounding green areas and parklands.

Employment, business and innovation opportunities are also part of the vision for Locking Parklands with high quality business space planned.

In addition to the new homes and employment space at Locking Parklands, the development plans include the provision of a Primary and Secondary School, Community Facilities and a retail High Street in order to promote a new, sustainable community where people can live, work and relax.